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The Promise

By amandaperran in : General, Weblogs // Aug 15 2006

When you are in a relationship with someone for a long time (like 8 or 9 years), then sometimes you have to make promises to the other person to ensure you hold up your part of the bargain related to a certain task. So as a result I found myself making a promise to Shane [...]

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The Edge Redesigned

By shane.perran in : General // Aug 9 2006

Yet another major organization travelling the road of CSS based design, this time Adobe redesigns The EDGE!

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Feed issues (teasers)

By shane.perran in : General, SharePoint 2007 // Jul 17 2006

It’s come to my attention that in my *ahem*  tweaking of my feeds via feedburner I managed to click something which may be causing you to see only a little teaser text and be forced to view my site to read the rest.  This is not my intention and I’m working to fix it right [...]

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How to live happily with a great designer (By Seth Godin)

By shane.perran in : CSS and Usability, General, SharePoint, SharePoint 2007 // Jul 16 2006

For those of you that strive to create a pixel based purple cow each day, you should appeciate this article by Seth Godin dubbed “How to live happily with a great designer“. The only thing I would do differently is bold #8. After almost 15 years of designing professionally for the web I have come [...]

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