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SharePoint Themes get a little easier with SharePoint Skinner

By shane.perran in : SharePoint 2007 // Aug 26 2007

Something there is never enough of is good tools for developing and designing websites (SharePoint Sites Included).  This tool while developed to make, making SharePoint Themes easier can be used for any website. SharePoint Skinner – take a look at the screenshots, and download here: http://www.elumenotion.com/Blog/default.aspx

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Upcoming St. John's .NET User Group Meetings. (Coming up … Silverlight!)

By shane.perran in : SharePoint 2007 // Aug 24 2007

Monday, August 27th, 2007 (7:00PM – 9:00PM)  Room IIC2001 in the Inco Building at MUN (New Building!)   Mark Simms will drop by to provide an introduction to a basic embedded system, running on an Atmel ARM microprocessor.  A few basic tasks will be demonstrated, including responding to input (buttons) and flashing some LEDs.  A [...]

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Major SDK Updates for MOSS and WSS, get them while they're HOT!

By shane.perran in : SharePoint 2007 // Aug 22 2007

The Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 SDK contains conceptual overviews, “How Do I…?” programming tasks, developer tools, code samples, references, and an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) starter kit to guide you in developing solutions based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. MOSS 2007 SDK 1.2. Includes Conceptual and Class Library Reference documentation, Web Services documentation, [...]

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Having trouble deleting a page layout because it's still being referenced?

By shane.perran in : SharePoint 2007 // Jul 5 2007

I see this question asked on a daily basis by many people;  “I’m trying to delete my page layout but it keeps telling me it’s still referenced — I swear it’s not!!! what’s wrong?”. Well, yes, it’s quite likely still being referenced, however …  Andrew Connell has been kind enough to share an invaluable tip [...]

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