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We are Hiring! Come Work with Us!

By amandaperran in : Business, Technology // Apr 12 2008

Shane and I both work at a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner company here in St. John’s, Newfoundland called Infotech.  The company has existed since 1994 and has evolved from a small web development shop to a highly focused SharePoint / .NET application development firm. We also have other arms of our business that focus on [...]

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About Process.

By amandaperran in : Business, Uncategorized // Jul 18 2006

A word that is music to my ears yet sends so many others running for cover. How many times in the run of a week do I get that “Oh here she goes again” look? Usually good natured since most people in my company have begun to appreciate the value of well structured projects and [...]

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Repost: Relationship Theory for Customers

By amandaperran in : Business // Oct 4 2005

Ok now that I am feeling better from my flu I would like to elaborate on my theory of relationships a bit more. I admit it’s a little rough around the edges but I am pretty confident in its foundation and that it can be applied to real life examples. Relationships exist in many different [...]

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Can you process the notion of a process?

By amandaperran in : Business // Sep 29 2004

It?s been a busy week and I feel like generalizing. I have managed to sort the entire population of our planet into 3 categories. A) Those that can always see the big picture despite complexity and can architect processes to reach goals. The strongest representative of this category is generally not satisfied to be in [...]

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