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The 10 Rules of Leading Successful Projects

By amandaperran in : Business // Apr 3 2004

#10. Don’t Communicate! Everyone knows that communicating with others is a sign of weakness. You should never share with your ideas with teammates. Someone may steal them and put you out of a job!! #9. Avoid Planning and Progress Tracking It takes too much time and is too distracting. It is better to just dive [...]

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Staying motivated for your day job

By amandaperran in : Business // Feb 4 2004

Curt Rosengren has a great post onstaying motivated at your job. I remember being very intrigued by his title “Passion Catalyst” a few months ago when I first saw it listed on another blog. Now that I have been reading his weblog for a while I think I have a better respect for what that [...]

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What Makes a Job Enjoyable??

By amandaperran in : Business // Jan 22 2004

Workplace happiness and “jerk bosses” are topics I see popping up on a number of blogs lately. The Fast Company crew had some more great guest hosts in last week to discuss such topics (I really like how they do that) and many readers posted some interesting experiences. I have been fairly lucky throughout my [...]

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The Opportunity Shop

By amandaperran in : Business // Jan 15 2004

Imagine yourself walking into a store – it’s filled with shelves and shelves of items that interest and excite you. Now if you are like me, you probably can not afford to purchase every single item. Even if you could, it is unlikely that you would since it would just be impractical – you would [...]

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