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Shane Perran – MVP Insider

By amandaperran in : Book, Family, Uncategorized // Dec 23 2007

Shane was recently profiled by the MVP program as part of their MVP Insider series.  I actually didn’t see his answers till I received an email about it via our MVP lead pointing to his responses.  You can check his responses out here. Quote from article: “What is the best thing that has happened since [...]

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Gettin' Married!!

By amandaperran in : Family // Dec 14 2006

So on the odd chance there still exists someone in this world who doesn’t know yet, I figured I would announce it here…Shane and I are getting married. He popped the question last night and I have been grinning like a silly fool ever since.  Actually technically he handed me a little white box and [...]

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Friends From Far Away

By amandaperran in : Family // Sep 2 2006

I missed posting yesterday due to some unfortunate news we received from a trip to the vet with our sick dog.  Didn’t really feel like doing much after that other than coming home, feeling sick and sulking.  As it turns out she has both heart and liver failure (which is even worse than the news [...]

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Good Weekend

By amandaperran in : Family // Aug 26 2006

Shane and I had a great time last night camping.  We went to Fitzgerald’s Pond Park near Dunville, which was my first time there in about 20 years.  That park is actually about 20 minutes from where I grew up.  Good clear night and we had a perfect evening kicked back by the fire. Today we went fishing with my [...]

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