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Personalized Avatars

By amandaperran in : Fun // Mar 2 2004

It is so hard to capture your true self through an avatar but here is a pretty cool flash app that can help you out. I found this on the Viral Marketing blog and happen to think it’s pretty neat. I like following the viral marketing blog because it gives you the run down on [...]

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Gamer.TV Idol?

By amandaperran in : Fun // Mar 1 2004

Think you have what it takes to be a star? Do you think you can change the world, one gamer at a time? If so you might want to read this article from IT Vibe. Remember TV shows such as GamesMaster and Bad Influence? Remember sitting there thinking anyone could do Dominik Diamonds job of [...]

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Lineage II Beta

By amandaperran in : Fun // Feb 23 2004

Aside from the Infopath good news, I also got this gem in my inbox earlier today: We appreciate your interest in the Lineage II closed beta test and would like to extend an invitation for you to participate at this time. I haven’t been in a game beta since Asheron’s Call 2 so I’m interested [...]

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2 Types of Geeks

By amandaperran in : Fun // Feb 16 2004

OK I really cracked up reading this post from Chris Sells on why one should probably hide the fact that they are a geek. Favorite Quotes: Since it became obvious very early to me that geeks of the #2 sort find it nearly impossible to get girls, I learned in college to hide my geekness [...]

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