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What?s New RSS Feed

By amandaperran in : Microsoft Stuff // Apr 16 2004

Jan continues to show just how amazing he is. Today I read on his site that he has created a new way to generate an RSS feed that polls your SharePoint lists to display newly added information. Very cool and extremely useful. We need more developers like him in this world of ours. He has [...]

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InfoPath Basics for the Information Worker

By amandaperran in : Microsoft Stuff // Apr 15 2004

So you have had Office 2003 installed for a while now but haven’t really gotten around to figuring out what this new application called “InfoPath” is all about. You have probably even heard it mentioned a few times but maybe not. Well to give you the lightest definition I can think of: InfoPath is an [...]

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Web Part Maintenance Page

By amandaperran in : Microsoft Stuff // Apr 13 2004

Steve sent me this link this morning. Sweet! We had a major headache last month on a project we were doing because we were getting this annoying SoapServerException error and couldn’t find a way to access the web part maintenance page. We were held up from development for about an hour while we were scrambling [...]

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Presentations from Sharepoint Dev Conference 2003

By amandaperran in : Microsoft Stuff // Apr 11 2004

Daniel McPherson points to a bunch of presentations from the Sharepoint Developers Conference in 2003. The goal of this conference was to give developers an opportunity to get familiar with some of the key SharePoint technologies (Windows SharePoint Services, SharePoint Portal Server 2003, Web Parts, FrontPage 2003, InfoPath 2003, and more). Therefore for some of [...]

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