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SantaSoft is coming to Town!

By amandaperran in : Technology // Aug 21 2003

Core Microsoft Office System Products Are Complete, Released to Manufacturers Oh Christmas is coming early this year. I can’t wait! Sharepoint, Infopath & One Note here I come! Well actually no, here you come….I’ll just wait here.

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Web Piracy

By amandaperran in : Technology // Aug 7 2003

A decent read on web piracy Something that hits home to me personally since my boyfriend is a designer who often finds his works emulated and copied by others. Most times he can laugh it off since it is part of the biz, but other times it can really get under his skin….and mine. Especially [...]

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Messenger watermark

By amandaperran in : Technology // Jul 24 2003

Loren has an excellent idea for messenger that I have to say I could really use. I have definitely embarrassed myself before by typing in wrong window and at the very least confused the heck out of the person I am talking to. I would like to have more status choices than away or busy. [...]

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Boardtown's Platypus 4

By amandaperran in : Technology // Jun 3 2003

I test drove Platypus 4 today from Boardtown. Its their latest ISP Billing Program. Quite impressive over the previous version.

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