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Halo 2 for the PC

By amandaperran in : Video Games // Feb 12 2006

According to the Gamerscore Blog…Halo 2 will be released for Vista. This gives us a good indication of timeframe now anyhow. “Halo 2” is making its PC debut on the Windows Vista platform. The game will have both the single-player campaign and multiplayer experience of the original, as well as the additional maps offered in [...]

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Condemned: Criminal Origins – Scary Stuff

By amandaperran in : Video Games, Xbox // Dec 10 2005

This week was a busy one at work and at home so there wasn’t as much time for gaming as I would have liked. However I did manage to slip in 30 minutes of Condemned: Criminal Origins each lunchtime (one of the benefits of living 5 minutes from the office). The game play is such [...]

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World of Warcraft

By amandaperran in : Video Games // Mar 20 2005

OK went ahead and picked up a copy each for myself and Shane today. Should be a bit of fun. Anyone else playing WOW these days? Got any good advice on getting started? Drop me a line.

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CSI Video Game

By amandaperran in : Video Games // Mar 19 2005

Last Night I was bored and figured since I can’t take my Xbox with me when I travel I should at least have a decent PC game that could help pass the time.  Shane has been talking about checking out World of Warcraft for a while so I figured maybe it’s time I pick up [...]

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