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Bill vs Steve in Fight Night Round 3 for Xbox 360

By amandaperran in : Xbox // Jan 6 2006

Shane sent me this link of Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer going at it with EA’s Fight Night Round 3 on the Xbox 360. Very funny video. I wonder if they were really playing. =-)

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Xbox 360: The "IT" Gift this Christmas

By amandaperran in : Xbox // Dec 15 2005

Here is a super short post to point you to a funny Xbox 360 skit on the Daily Show that was featured on the 360 Insider.

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Condemned: Criminal Origins – Scary Stuff

By amandaperran in : Video Games, Xbox // Dec 10 2005

This week was a busy one at work and at home so there wasn’t as much time for gaming as I would have liked. However I did manage to slip in 30 minutes of Condemned: Criminal Origins each lunchtime (one of the benefits of living 5 minutes from the office). The game play is such [...]

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Xbox 360 Dashboard Preview

By amandaperran in : Microsoft Stuff, Xbox // Dec 2 2005

I’ve had my Xbox 360 for about 2 weeks now and I love it more and more each day. To help share some of the reasons why, I have decided to capture some video of the various elements of the Xbox 360 including things such as the new and improved dashboard as well as some [...]

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