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Link your Gamertag

By amandaperran in : Xbox // Nov 1 2005

I linked my gamertag to the new Xbox.com website. I will post on my weblog once I figure out the best placement for it. PunchingBoot It’s pretty cool. Although I was kind of bummed when I couldn’t pick my own timezone from the listing. Guess that’s a sign there just isn’t enough Xbox gamers in [...]

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New Xbox Site and Channel 9 360 Video

By amandaperran in : Xbox // Oct 27 2005

So after not being able to hit the Xbox.com site for quite a while (I don’t think it was down THAT long but for some reason it was whenever I tried to hit it this past week) – the new Xbox site is live. It looks great and has a lot of features I have [...]

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Xbox 360 Review from Joystiq

By amandaperran in : Xbox // Oct 14 2005

My friend, Tariq sent me a link to an article from Joystiq yesterday and I am quite glad he did as it’s possibly one of the most informative articles I have read yet on the Xbox 360. It gives a nice perspective on what we can all expect in just over a month’s time.

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November 22nd Baby!!

By amandaperran in : Xbox // Sep 15 2005

Woot! I just read on John Porcaro’s weblog that the Xbox 360 will be hitting shelves on November 22nd of this year. How excellent is that? Just 25 days before my birthday. I sure hope Shane remembers how cool his birthday gift from me was this year. *cough* HINT *cough*

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