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XBox Beatings

By amandaperran in : Xbox // Aug 17 2003

I would just like to make it public that I womped Shane in hockey Friday night on the Xbox. 5 games to nothing. Yes that is right. 5 games to nothing. Apparently his 15 years of playing the real game are no match for my l33t talents. Muhahahahhahaha. Of course he beat me bad in [...]

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Aaron is Coming Home Today

By amandaperran in : Family // Aug 17 2003

Aaron (my brother) is finally coming home today. I went to look up his flight to see if it was running on schedule and I get this message: Our web site has moved. If you have bookmarked this page, please note the new location: www.stjohnsairport.com Good enough. But rather than redirecting me there it waits [...]

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Ontario is Canada's Largest Province??

By amandaperran in : General // Aug 15 2003

In Ontario, Canada?s largest province, a pedestrian was hit by a car while traffic signals were out, and another person died in a fire. A state of emergency remained in effect Friday after police in the capital, Ottawa, reported 23 cases of looting. That statement threw me off since I consider Quebec our largest province. [...]

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And Now for Lesser Known News…

By amandaperran in : Uncategorized // Aug 14 2003

Steve writes “Security A Problem for Windows Only?”

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