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Rory Blyth ROX DotNetRocks

By amandaperran in : Technology // Jan 20 2004

Just listened to the latest DotNetRocks. It featured Rory Blyth. That guy seems just as funny live (well kinda live) as he does in his blog. He has some pretty cool stuff to say about .NET and the coding community too. I really enjoy this show – its features interesting members of the tech community [...]

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Search Folders in Outlook 2003

By amandaperran in : Microsoft Stuff // Jan 20 2004

I have discussed these before so I won’t repeat myself. But in short, if you use Newsgator, search folders can really help you filter your entire subscription list (mine is growing and growing) to give you quick access to preferred subjects and topics. However I was reconfiguring a bunch tonight for my news posts and [...]

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Newsgator 2.0 Released

By amandaperran in : Technology // Jan 19 2004

Newsgator 2.0 was released today. The good news is that thoses of us that purchased version 1.3 get to upgrade for free. Free upgrades are always nice.

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More Praises for OneNote

By amandaperran in : Microsoft Stuff // Jan 19 2004

Tonight I was preparing a list of interview questions for a fairly large integration project that we have starting up in the next few weeks. I usually like to plan these things out well in advance so that A) we can make better use of our client’s valuable time and B) we can walk away [...]

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