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Finding and Editing SharePoint Styles (Using the IE Dev Toolbar)

By shane.perran in : SharePoint // Oct 31 2005

I just found a new way to use the Internet Explorer Dev Toolbar thanks to Renaud (aka Stramit). Oddly I had never seen the “select by click” option. For those of you using the IE Dev Toolbar to figure out what classes/id’s are applied to elements in SharePoint you’ll by happy to know it’s much [...]

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SharePoint: Site Templates, Site Definitions and Themes Explained

By shane.perran in : SharePoint // Oct 29 2005

SharePoint uses site definitions, site templates and themes for customization. While there are similarities in each, they are all very different and very powerful in their own right. Understanding each of these is key to customizing SharePoint. SharePoint Themes Difficult Level: Easy/Moderate SharePoint themes are a collection of stylesheets and images which basically skin a [...]

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Free Copies of Visual Studio 2005 at MSDN Launch Events in Canada

By amandaperran in : Microsoft Stuff // Oct 29 2005

I have read this announcement a few times but I am still having trouble believeing my eyes. From Mark Relph’s Weblog: “From the blogs we have heard several questions regarding the distribution of software at the events. We know that the Developer and IT Pro communities are eager to get access to the final versions [...]

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Dilbert Blog

By amandaperran in : Weblogs // Oct 29 2005

It only makes sense that the creator of the ultimate “That is so much like my life” comic has started to blog. Scott Adams is now posting to the Dilbert blog and I already love it. This post almost made me cry I was laughing so hard. I will never look a donut the same [...]

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