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What does the leader of China do when visiting the US?

By shane.perran in : SharePoint 2007 // Apr 19 2006

Have dinner with Bill Gates at his place of course, what else! Courtesy of CNN: During his first stop, Hu toured the campus of software giant Microsoft Corp. and later dined at the $100 million home of its chairman, Bill Gates, the world’s richest man. Gates said in a statement ahead of Hu’s arrival that [...]

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The Importance of Visual Communication

By shane.perran in : CSS and Usability // Apr 18 2006

Visual Communication is incredibly important, especially when presenting. The majority of presenters use the “bullet point” approach thinking they are doing wonders for simplifying their message. They are right to a degree, but without a visual to backup the message, it’s left open to interpretation. The example below was used recently by Ryan at 37 [...]

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SharePoint 2007, Content Management Server and Andrew Connell

By shane.perran in : CSS and Usability, SharePoint, SharePoint 2007 // Apr 18 2006

I just finished watching Andrew Connell present on the upcoming Content Management Server which is embedded in SharePoint 2007. Great talk, lots of juicy information. If you didn’t make it to the web-cast I saved the presentation as a PDF. I’m sure this will be available on-demand soon enough but in the meantime here are [...]

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Top 10 Benefits of using SharePoint Designer 2007

By shane.perran in : Product Reviews, SharePoint, SharePoint 2007 // Apr 17 2006

Top 10 Benefits of Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 Courtesy of Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 provides the powerful tools you need to deliver compelling and attractive SharePoint sites and quickly build workflow-enabled applications and reporting tools on the SharePoint platform, all in an IT-managed environment. Be more productive with next-generation Microsoft Web technologies. Enjoy [...]

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