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The Future Microsoft.com

By shane.perran in : SharePoint 2007 // Jul 28 2006

According to some, Microsoft has released for IE only a preview of the upcoming www.microsoft.com website.  It’s thus far being met by some pretty harsh words. That’s no huge suprise – people love to hate Microsoft and while I’m not always a fan of the marketing direction and naming strategies, one thing is certain, Microsoft [...]

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Offline Time

By amandaperran in : Uncategorized // Jul 26 2006

Shane and I are on holidays for the next 2 weeks.  We are using this time to recharge and get some things done around the house.  For the past week or so we have been slaving in our backyard to do some landscaping and let me tell you…this body was not made for manual labour.  [...]

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Vacation Time!

By shane.perran in : SharePoint 2007 // Jul 26 2006

The posts will likely slow down over the next couple of weeks as I unplug during 2 weeks vacation, I still have a couple of big community projects I’m working on in the background so those involved know how to contact me. The next couple of days is being spend landscaping my yard, then it’s [...]

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Changing your site layout and style sheets dynamically with ASP.NET

By shane.perran in : SharePoint 2007 // Jul 23 2006

Great article by Scott Guthrie on his blog: Recipe: Dynamic Site Layout and Style Personalization with ASP.NET Problem: You want to enable end-users visiting your web-site to dynamically customize the look and feel of it.  Specifically, you want to enable them to choose different content layouts for the site, as well as different style experiences [...]

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