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Feed issues (teasers)

By shane.perran in : General, SharePoint 2007 // Jul 17 2006

It’s come to my attention that in my *ahem*  tweaking of my feeds via feedburner I managed to click something which may be causing you to see only a little teaser text and be forced to view my site to read the rest.  This is not my intention and I’m working to fix it right [...]

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Understanding customer needs and business value in WSS v3 customization

By shane.perran in : SharePoint 2007 // Jul 16 2006

I wrote an article recently which questions the architecture of WSS v3 master pages, more specifically the shortcomings of WSS v3 customization when it comes to the application pages which reside in the _layouts folder. I was happy to see just how much discussion this has generated as this was my intention from the start. [...]

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How to live happily with a great designer (By Seth Godin)

By shane.perran in : CSS and Usability, General, SharePoint, SharePoint 2007 // Jul 16 2006

For those of you that strive to create a pixel based purple cow each day, you should appeciate this article by Seth Godin dubbed “How to live happily with a great designer“. The only thing I would do differently is bold #8. After almost 15 years of designing professionally for the web I have come [...]

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Xbox 360: Frogger Love

By amandaperran in : Video Games, Xbox 360 // Jul 15 2006

While I have quite a full plate this weekend working on some of our various SharePoint 2007 projects, I did decide that I also had to fit a little Xbox 360 luvin into my schedule.  Thanks for the reminder Matt!  I just downloaded Frogger from the Xbox Live Marketplace.  How cool is that?!?  I have [...]

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