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UDC Series on InfoPath Blog

By amandaperran in : InfoPath 2007 // Oct 21 2006

Back in the day…you know way back before InfoPath 2007…I used InfoPath 2003 (and SharePoint) to address a lot of my needs as a Product Manager and consultant.  I created a custom CRM system for managing our customer opportunities, billing requests, and project initiation processes.  I created custom templates for project costing, team status reporting, [...]

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SharePoint Designer 2007 problem connecting to a site which uses a managed path?

By shane.perran in : SharePoint 2007 // Oct 17 2006

If you are using managed paths and having trouble connecting to a site using a managed path in SharePoint Designer 2007 try the following steps: Check to see if the server you are connecting to is referenced in the Open Site Dialogue Box (ie: http://myserver) If so, delete this reference from the Open Site Dialogue Box [...]

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Been bitten by the repeating icon bug in a custom SharePoint 2007 B2TR theme?

By shane.perran in : SharePoint 2007 // Oct 15 2006

If you have been creating custom themes in B2TR, you have likely come across the reapeating icon bug which shows up behind the lists/libaries in the quick launch menu. This is a known (and very minor) issue in B2TR – The class which is causing this is table.ms-navitem.  It’s a simple case of a repeating [...]

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Still Kicking…

By amandaperran in : Uncategorized // Oct 14 2006

Just a quick post to break the silence.  It has been a difficult and long week.  As Shane has pointed out on his blog, we lost over dog this past week.  An event that has been far more difficult to deal with than I had even imagined it would be.  Given she had been very sick [...]

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