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Windows Live Writer (Beta) – Testing 123

By amandaperran in : Technology, Weblogs // Aug 17 2006

I downloaded and have been trying out the beta for Windows Live Writer.  I have to say it’s pretty neat and I think I will continue to use it for a while.  In fact since I have switched my blog platform to WordPress, I really have not been enjoying the editing experience.  Maybe that is why I haven’t been posting…sorry lame excuse. 

I have also been testing out the blogging capabilities of Word and have to say I like that as well.  Eventually I will pick a favorite and roll with it I guess.  Anyone else have suggestions on good client tools for blogging?  It would probably make sense for me to use an Office app since that is what I have open 90% of the time.

All this beta software…

I have been struggling with maintaining a reasonably stable working environment over the past month and have officially resigned to a dual boot system running WinXP, Office2003, IE6, with absolutely no beta software and Vista, Office 2007, IE7 (obviously) and fun applications like this that I download on a whim. 

I enjoy working in the Beta environment more from a UI and functionality perspective.  But it does have it’s performance set backs when something decides to crash and I have no idea which beta app is causing it.  Originally the non-beta environment was for work and the beta was for home.  However ironically now-a-days we seem to be doing more SharePoint and InfoPath 2007 related work so I find myself switching around a lot.  Good complaint really as I am so uber pumped on the new platform and all its goodness.

OK final comment that I have to share…I just used spellcheck and it works nicely except “SharePoint” was detected as spelled incorrectly and “harpoon” was offered as a suggestion.  InfoPath triggered “Infonaut” as an alternative.  Very interesting!!

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