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Xbox 360: UNO

By amandaperran in : Video Games, Xbox // Aug 19 2006

Just played my first game of UNO…ever!  I played a tonne of card and board games growing up but never knew what the heck UNO was.  I’d see it around but never actually played it or never saw anyone play.  After listening to a recent Major Nelson podcast on the success of Xbox Live Marketplace and Arcade…I decided to check it out since apparently it was a massive success and broke records for the number of people that purchased it.

After playing it for about 20 minutes, I have to say its a cute and simple game that I could see filling small voids of time and is fun for just about any age.  I like those games because I love when I have things I can play with my niece and nephew.  Though to be fair…my niece can kick my butt in just about any genre of a game so I guess I should instead focus that statement on my nephew.  =-)

Anyhow I recommend it for some mindless fun – it has Xbox Live support and costs a mere 400 points.

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