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Back to the grind

By shane.perran in : SharePoint // Jun 15 2005

My apologies for the delay with the SharePoint website creation tutorials.

TechED in Orlando took a lot of time and effort and unfortunately there was very little left for blogging while I was there.

The good news is it was great. We all had a great time down in Florida, we met tonnes of great people and took in some fun sessions as well as a little sight-seeing.

Hats off to Microsoft for putting off a great show and really providing people with a little of everything. Realistically if one had been so inclined they could probably have gone through the entire week without ever reaching into their wallet, Microsoft really did a great job of providing.

Now that the fun is over, I’m back home and back to the daily grind/work.

I will start in and finish up the tutorials in the next day or so.

Thanks to those that have left comments and emails. If there is anything ‘design’ wise that has you stuck, or that you would like to see blogged or tutorialized feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment If I can help I’m sure I’ll squeeze in the time.

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