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SharePoint Products and Technologies article on ActiveWin.com

By shane.perran in : Product Reviews, SharePoint, SharePoint 2007, SharePoint Community Kit // Jun 29 2006

ActiveWin.com sponsored me to go to Tech ED Boston as a technical writer this year. I had a chance to report back with several articles based on the events and things that really sparked my interest.
My latest article has been posted, this one very focused on SharePoint Technologies, and the community surrounding it.

Lawerence Liu from the SharePoint Team @ Microsoft was even kind enough to share his vision for the community and explains how the community helps to shape the SharePoint Product Group.

Read the “Microsoft Getting Serious About Collaboration” article hereĀ 

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2 Responses to "SharePoint Products and Technologies article on ActiveWin.com"

  1. Bob Fox June 29, 2006 5:13 am

    Very nice article Shane. It is very apparent from the conversation with Lawrence that Microsoft has indeed listened to the outside implementors and developers and have given us something to look forward to with the new version.

  2. shane June 29, 2006 8:38 am

    Hi Bob,

    Absolutely, Lawrence has been working alot with the MVP crew as well gathering ideas and bringing some of those into the spotlight at Microsoft where they are turning into shared communal projects.

    You will see alot of this taking place at codeplex.com


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