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Beginning SharePoint 2010: Building Team Solutions with SharePoint

By amandaperran in : SharePoint 2010 // Jul 14 2010

After a busy few months of heavy duty writing, it looks like we are getting close to the final stages of our Beginning SharePoint 2010: Building Team Solutions with SharePoint book.  This book is a continuation of the book we had written for 2007 with a few additional topics that were not included in the 2007 version such as Governance, Records Management, Social Networking, and Branding.  We are also joined on this book by two great ladies in the SharePoint world, Jennifer Mason and Laura Rogers.  These guys bring great insight to our book and we are thrilled to have them onboard for this project. 

Is this a book on SharePoint Development or for End Users?

I get this question a lot.  Officially we state that this book is ideal for anyone getting started with SharePoint as it will bring you end to end on the various features and functionilty that are available out of the box in SharePoint.  Our goal is to teach the readers how to use and configure the various settings to build an environment that matches their business needs.  So in my opinion if you have been given the keys to SharePoint in your organization and are responsible for configuring it to meet your needs, then our book will be perfect for you.  Now if you are developer, I still think you should read this book because its critical that you understand what SharePoint provides from a features and functionality point of view before you crack open Visual Studio and decide to build everything from scratch yourself. Having a solid understanding of what the platform provides is your first step to becoming a solid SharePoint developer as you need to understand where the logical points of extension are.  Sadly I have come across too many situations in my consultant life where a developer or set of developers have custom built items that existed in SharePoint out of the box simply because they were not aware the feature even existed. 

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