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Tablet PC : Still Going

By amandaperran in : Tablet PC // Jun 27 2003

Still using tablet – saved my life in a major client meeting today. I am leaving tomorrow for a week as part of my summer holidays. I have a considerable amount of work to do before I go.

After nearly 8 solid hours of meetings, discussions, presentations etc? there are a lot of notes and action items.

However thanks to Tabby here I was able to sit down this evening, convert all my pages to text (some minor editing required) , add in some short comments and basic formatting and email to my team so that they all had a copy of everything that was discussed today.

If I had taken my traditional approach I would have about 20 pages of paper that I wouldn’t even be able to consider typing tonight amongst some other things I would have to get done. Instead I would have to leave that till I returned in a week?s time. At which point the content would not be as fresh in my mind.

I love Tablet PCs.

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