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Time for a Break

By amandaperran in : Fun // Jun 28 2003

Well I actually managed to get all my work done today and I am ready to go camping for a week with my man. However after all the packing and prep work tonight I almost wish I could sleep in tomorrow. Not really, I am actually quite pumped.

Last weekend we had a trial run with some of our gear to make sure it was all up to our standards. Those standards being the “make life as easy as possible” kind. Our tent is pretty cool. It has an air mattress for a floor and takes 60 seconds to put up.

We went to 5 parks before finding a vacancy and the last place we went was somewhat out of the way. But it was VERY much worth it. The name of the place is “Backside Pond Park” and borders both a pond and the ocean. We had a blast. Great spot for scenery, quiet and some fishing.

So off we go to tackle some adventure and fun. We are taking our digital video and still cams so that we can take lots of footage. Expect a photoblog upon our return in about a week.

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