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RSS = the cat's a$$

By amandaperran in : Technology // Nov 30 2003

Scoble writes about the goodness of RSS. I can’t begin to describe the amount of time that is saved each day because I can view almost all my news / online content through a single ui (I’m currently using and luvin’ Newsgator).

The concept of browsing through news sites seems so inefficient to me now. Its the technology equivalent to walking to every place that I have ever received postal mail from and asking…”Do you guys have anything that you wanted to send me here yet? No? Oh ok then, I will check back later. Toodles!”

Not to mention, I have been able to subscribe to literally hundreds of sources that I would never remember to visit if I were using a browser.

Also if you like RSS and have a Sharepoint/WSS site – try visiting Tim Heuer’s site and give him some Paypal love (He doesn’t charge for downloading his stuff but he deserves whatever you can give him). He has a great RSS web part developed that is easy to install and config. It can let you share some great content feeds with team members.

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